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re: I love how people in 2019 still repeat the 72 characters limit mantra like they were developing kernel under Linus supervision using terminal from ...

He said 50 this time.. Our terminals are shrinking. 😱

72 is good for the subject line as a guideline. It shouldn't be enforced in any way. I prefer git clients that just give me a warning when I cross it.

How about the commit body? I've seen some people do manual word wrapping/line breaks there, and some git clients warn when I don't. Any reason to do manual word wrapping?

And markdown syntax in the commit message body, yay or nay?


I prefer 50 for the subject line specifically because that's when GitHub starts to truncate.

I have my line wrapping done automatically, though.


Do whatever works and doesnt get in the way in your team.

Thats my recommendation. ;)

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