My Favorite Teachers In The JavaScript Community

Emma Wedekind ✨ on April 03, 2019

There are so many resources in the world of tech that it's hard to sort through and pick the right resource for you. There are so many courses, b... [Read Full]
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Great list. One person I would add is Brad Traversy. He's an amazing full stack developer with superb ability to explain programming concepts. Simplicity, even pace, down to earth. An amazing guy too from what I can see of his tutorials and opinions


Every tutorial with a project, Brad is cool.
Wants to learn new feature, I search his content on YouTube first...


This list is great but is missing some unicorns:

The Udemy band rocks too


Wes Bos and Andrei Neagoe are excellent teachers and Dan Shiffman's videos are pretty fun, they make you enjoy programming


+1 on Dan Shiffman, he's a very gifted teacher!


I see him here. Hey! It's Jaime Garcia you're missing. He's creative way of teaching is top-notch.


Cory house, Wes bos, Andrew mead, Stephen grider.


I think Brad Traversy should have made the list. His YouTube channel is awesome and he is a super cool guy


The most underrated youtube channel and person is The net ninja . He is the best teaching ninja for front end technologies and he produces all his content for free. His youtube videos rarely have one or two dislikes[Which i guess they pressed dislike button wrongly]. I am happy that i am following his channel from the beginning.

please check out his youtube channel link:


Net Ninja is one of the rare tutors. He makes everything complex feel like breeze. I love his courses too.


Thank you so much Emma, you are definitely on this list too :)


If I would make a list, you both will be surely in.


I was kind of blown away when I recently checked out Front End Masters; I had seen a course or two on Pluralsight, but the presentation is so high quality, and a lot more warm and human than a lot of other learning resources. That really makes a hug difference. I've particularly loved Shirley Wu, Will Sentance, and Jem Young's workshops on that site.


Have to throw in these guys as well:
Daniel Shiffman: outside of an amazing professor i had in grad school I attribute Shiffman with my decision to become a developer. I always think of him as awquardly awesome! Such a brilliant, kind, and humble guy.
MPJ: fun fun function is amazing and as I transitioned to a focus on JS in my career he has consistently kept me inspired and excited to keep learning. Another brilliant, down to earth educator


My favorites are Maximilian Schwarzmuller, Jonas Schmedtmann and Brad Traversy.😁


In addition to the listed authors there is also one of the greatest authors that I watching: Mosh Hamedani

He has great courses on JS, React, Angular and other topics and video quality is outstanding.


Great list, But just a suggestion try Will Sentance. He is a great teacher and helped me to learn how JavaScript works under the hood. You can find him on . By the way, Brian Holt, Kyle Simpson, Sarah Drasner are my favorite ones.


You must bookmark these guys too, @emmawedekind

Axel Rauschmayer -;
Nicholas C. Zakas -;

And this cool russian guy also (creator of PostCSS and Autoprefixer):
Andrey Sitnik -;


Someday 😂... I will stand on the shoulder of these giants.


Everyone new to learning React should take Colt Steels new React course The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router)

Best course Ive taken on React by far. Only thing is he doesnt teach Redux. If you want to learn Redux take Stephen Griders React course AFTER taking Colts course.


I’ve watched a few of Brian Holt and Kent Dodds courses and they’re very knowledgeable but I don’t think they’re good teachers as I saw many examples of them glossing over key points that were crucial to what they were teaching.


I'd love to mention two people who've taught me and continue to teach me so much:

  • Eric Elliott, with his well-known Composing Software series on Medium, where he teaches functional programming through JS
  • Daniel Shiffman, a goofy eccentric man who keeps me in love with programming over at his YouTube channel

For me, Andrew Mead, Andrei Neagoe, Brad Traversy, Chris Nwamba


Ooooooo. I was recently a speaker at Angular Portland Meetup with Jason Lengsdorf. He is the real deal!


I would include Maximilian Schwarzmuller. He turns complex topics into great learning experiences. Same with Eve Porcillo (already included). She's a great instructor.


When it comes to online education!
I think Jonas Shmidthman is an amazing Designer and Front end Web Developer.
Andrei Neagoie is an amazing js developer!
Jonas and Andrei is amazing combination ❤️

Brad Traversy is also a cool instructor!


I need to give a shoutout to Colt Steele, as well. Colt creates some amazing content online and is a brilliant teacher with a witty sense of humor (and cute pets that often make appearances in his videos...).


Great list, also in the comments are very important people that you should follow. Also I would add John Smilga. He has a YouTube Channel called Coding Addict that is just great.
Most of his courses about React and Gatby are based on real projects.


I find this guy for me the best teacher for beginner in the entire www 😀😀😀


Haha, Thanks @giandomenico :-) I got a google alert so I found this thread. Thanks :-)


Mattias Petter Johansson, Brad Traversy, Wes Bos and Maximilian Schwarzmuller are my favs. Especially MPJ!


Mattias is hands down the most entertaining teacher!


Thanks for putting this together. I've taken courses and heard talks from some of them and look forward to checking out the others.


My great teachers so far;
Max,Jonas,Brad,Ninja,Stephen,Wes,Jstut, Dan and all the MDN contributors...


Not missing out on any of these :)

I will add a few more, folks from

  • Scott Moss (@scotups)
  • Lukas Ruebbelke (@simpulton)
  • Shirley Wu (@sxywu)

Great post! It's so easy to forget that there are real people behind the code. Thanks for the giving these the credit they deserve. Many of them have influenced me as well.❤


Cool list, it's always good to see/find new people in the JS community to check out their work.


Nice list. I would add Dan Shiffman. I love his format, his sense of humor and high spirits.


Don't forget Maximilian Schwarzmüller from Academind ;-)


Gordon Zhu from

Because he explains why we do things, not what we do.

For knowing what to do, I can google on my own.


Zac Gordon's JavaScript 4 WordPress bootcamp is pretty great and he's very approachable.
Wes Bos has some great courses and, of course, kick ass stickers.
Tonya from!

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