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re: I have made it open source! Check it out. It's really in its infancy, but I'm trying to get it stood up quickly. jonathan-irvin ...

Great! I cloned the repository and I'm looking around. What do you wanna use for the front-end?

At this stage, probably React with Material Design, but I think we need to build out the backend first. There's a lot of ground work to be had with the build and deploy process, too. Right now, it's only using my AWS credentials, so stuff like that needs to be ironed out as well. So much to do!

Alright, I'll ask for a free trial on AWS Lambda and I'll learn what I have to to help out with the back-end.
And regarding the front-end: Are you thinking of developing a web app, mobile app or both?
In any case, I'm on fire with React and React Native so surely I'll be more helpful when we're on that.

It'd be good if we had a place to communicate and discuss about the project, where can we do it?

Best regards!

I just sent you an email!

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