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Discussion on: Are you using Docker for local development?

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Emmanuel Obogbaimhe

For me at my company we use it for local development because it just makes things easy. We work with distributed systems and there are different components so it's a headache to setup and build constantly.

So we containerize each component and just start and stop the containers as we need. Plus it makes on boarding new developers less of a hassle.

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That Blair Guy

Amen on the ease of on-boarding.

  1. Install docker
  2. clone the project from github
  3. docker-compose up

And that's it, the entire tech stack is ready to go.

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Frank Font

Onboarding new developers was easy at my previous employer because of this. New hires up and running/compiling etc everything and anything in an hour instead of a week.

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Mateusz Bełczowski Author

That's one of the main benefits for me - it makes the process of on boarding much easier.