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Advantages Of WooCommerce Custom Plugins Development On WordPress

Emma Jhonson
I am a technical expert, a passionate writer, and a seasoned IT professional for the last 5 years at ValueCoders.
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Are you wondering about WooCommerce Plugins?

By adding WooCommerce plugins, one can customize the WooCommerce experience. Through this blog, we’ll guide you with some breath-taking examples with benefits.

However, there are many plugins; however, WooCommerce is exceptional, and plugins are very much in demand since it is a customizable, open-source e-commerce platform.

To customize WooCommerce, one could create a plugin that extends woo-commerce with essential features. 
WooCommerce has gained tremendous popularity due to its simple-to-use interface.

What Is A Plugin?

A Plugin is a software containing a group of functions to be added to a WordPress website.
It has immense popularity in e-commerce due to its simple-to-use interface. 

It allows you to get exclusive B2B features with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is equably competing with Magento and Shopify for a full-fledged website. When you customize WooCommerce, it is recommended to create a WordPress plugin that extends WooCommerce plugin development with some exciting features.

Through this article, we’re following the steps of creating a simple WordPress plugin for WooCommerce from scratch.

Custom Database or Custom Post Types?

It all depends on plugin features to add. Posts like the format support plugin can create post types to showcase custom data. You can create Custom Post Types to showcase custom data.

In case you have more complex data types and relationships, it is better to create custom databases. You’ll see a significant difference that CPT Custom Post Types are included in the global functions of WordPress.

On the other hand, every function is to be created from scratch using custom databases, including custom APIs.

The significant difference is CPT (Custom Post Types) includes the global functions of WordPress, by which you can get, set or edit the post data. Also, it can consist of the REST APIs as well. 

Why There Is A Need For Custom Plugin? 

WooCommerce is a fabulous e-Commerce solution and enables you to add plugins to your online store or experience. The good thing about Custom WooCommerce plugin developers is they load your website with sophisticated features.

Writing a plugin enables us to cleanly separate and keep track of custom code and makes WooCommerce relatively a painless process. Talking flexibility is not as mature as Magento, but Woo Commerce provides action hooks, filters, templates, ssfiles, and template functions for better customization. 

If you want a complete makeover of the website, WordPress plugin developers for hire will provide you the best resources to facilitate your decision. So, if you’re going to create a plugin for WooCommerce, Woo-commerce Plugin is the same as regular WordPress plugins. Are you wondering what your WooCommerce extension should be?

Your WooCommerce extension features:

  1. Adherence to all WordPress plugin coding standards and operational guidelines for harmonious existence within other plugins

  2. Have a single core purpose and use WooCommerce features to a great extent. Don’t do anything malicious or underhanded--- for example, embedding spam links or upselling services outside the ecosystem.

  3. Don’t do anything malicious or underhanded — for example, inserting spam links or upselling services outside the ecosystem.

  4. Not subvert or override Marketplace connections in core — for example, extensions cannot create branded top-level menu items or introduce their telemetry.

  5. Merchants can harness WooCommerce extensions daily and can have a unified and pleasant experience while doing so without advertising invading their WP Admin or store.

Hooks: Actions and Filters

The backbone of any WordPress plugin is Hooks. Using the actions and filters, files. In talking, flexibility can extend anything to infinity.

Actions: To be used to fire a function when something happens on WordPress

Filters: To be used to filter data
We shall discuss some crucial hooks while developing the plugin.

* Plugin Name: Discounts
* Plugin URI:
* Description: A simple discounts plugin
* Author: InSync
* Version: 1.0.0
* Author URI:
* License: GPL3+
* Text Domain:
* Domain Path: /languages/
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Let’s start creating a WooCommerce plugin that lets you provide a percentage discount to all customers on special events.

Step 1: Creating the Plugin File

Create a folder with a discount and inside the folder and create a file Discounts.php. You can add the following details to make it act as a plugin.

The most important things are Plugin, Name, Description, and Version.

Step 2: Check WooCommerce and create your Plugin Class
In the same file after comment adds :

The first line checks if WooCommerce is installed. We shall add more within our style so that they do not conflict with other plugins.

Step 3: Add Discounts in User Profile Section 
For assigning a different task to customers, one needs to understand discount rates for each customer fully. The edit-user-profile & edit-user-profile-update display custom value profiles, respectively. Every hook has an associated call back to fire after the action or filter takes place.

Within the construction of your class, write:

public function_construct()
add_action('edit_user_profile', array($this, 'show_user_discount"), 10,
add_action('edit_user_profile_update', array( $this,
'save_user_discount'), 10, 1);
// Within the class body
// The 'get_user_neta' helps to get the save metadata for the logged in
public function show_user_discount ($user) {
<table class-"form-table">
str id"show_user_discount">
cth style-color:#8873AA">Discount</th>
<input type-"number" id-"show_user_discount"
nanc-"show_user_discount" min"" max-"180" value="<?php echo
get_user_neta(Suser->ID, 'show_user_discount', true) ?>">
public function save_user_type_bzbuco (Suser) {
if ( ! current_user_can( 'edit_user')) {
return false;
if(isset($_POST['show_user_discount'])) {
$show_user_discount - $_POST['show_user_discount'];
update_user_neta($user, 'show_user_discount',
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Step 4: You can apply the respective discounts on the product


// Add within the class constructor
add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_get_price', array( $this,
show_discount_price' ), 10, 2);
//Add within the class body
public function show_discount_price($price, $product) {
// $price = floatval($price);
$current_user_id = get_current_user_id;
$discount = floatval(get_user_meta($current_user_id, 'show_user_discount',
if(!empty($discount)) {
$final_price = $price - ((Sprice*$discount)/100);
return $final_price;
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You can add global discounts to all products for specific customers. It will perhaps develop the WordPress plugin.

WordPress is considered an ideal choice for developers and business owners looking to spike sales and promote a particular product on the Internet. Many would-be thinking, is it easy to use? They are rich in features with the capability to manage and capture webmasters’ attention across the globe.

So, if you’re thinking of a custom WordPress plugin development company, you can choose them as per merit and customize website needs. Since WordPress is a software that provides the ability to expand and extend the WordPress site’s functionality to the next level. 

It comprises the essential benefits of WordPress plugin development as follows :

Extends Functionalities

Many website owners perhaps look for various desired changes in the website's functionality, which customizes the website’s needs. The custom WordPress plugin development supports user requirements and works according to the website owner’s wants. Hence, choosing a suitable WordPress plugin developer for the website is more important to deal with users’ ever-changing needs.

Backlinks Creation

Backlinks are considered the building blocks of search engine optimization as these links get directed towards the particular website. Several quality backlinks result in the popularity of the website in search engines. WordPress plugins development enhances the capability to generate maximum links to our site and capture backlinks which boosts the site's security and prevents cyber thieves and hackers from accessing sensitive information or confidential data.

One of the best options for increasing security is to have a customized plugin developed by a WordPress plugin development company specifically for the site, which ensures the utmost satisfaction and provides protection from security threats. Having a secure site is not an option; it is a must.

Seamless Communication

WordPress plugin development is proven true; a customized WordPress plugin comes with constant maintenance and support, diminishing or even eliminating the requirement of regular plugin updates.


Speed is a critical factor, and it is one of the key benefits of WordPress plugin development; moreover an essential aspect of a particular website. It gives a smooth experience for business welfare and a user-friendly website and boosts potential visitors. A slow-loading WordPress plugin from a reputed plugin development company speeds up the website and ultimately encourages potential visitors.

Boost Performance

It is the moral responsibility of a business to have modifications after some duration and serve the best services to clients in the best possible manner; however, remodeling or redesigning the website is not likely as it attracts a lot of time, money & effort. WordPress plugin development is available with handy features. 
These plugins add a new feature but boost the existing functionality most economically.

Built-in Blogs

No website is successful without blogging. WordPress’s most exciting aspect with extensive blogging features and facilities is setting up email subscriptions to blog and keeping blogs to other website pages. All such functions make the website interactive and smooth and, for further advancement, essential features and facilities.

Simple To Use

Everyone wonders, With but only a few deliver, these websites provide the best features within the limited budget. You don’t need to worry about searching the same as one can add blog posts, pictures and add pages quickly with the WordPress Plugin development company.

The good thing is that the technology used on WordPress is straightforward and reduces the time of formatting.

Suppose you are wondering for any such website that can provide the best features within your budget limits. In that case, you do not need to worry about the searching of the same as we can add blog posts, pictures, add new pages quickly using a custom WordPress Plugin development company and see a glittering difference.

Compatibility With Search Engines

Coding works like cells of the website architecture. The easy and lucid coding of WordPress makes it easy for various search engines to read the website content in a well-defined manner. Be it the image, every page, and post containing keywords, descriptions, and titles. It results in better optimization. 

One can add tags to enhance and boost optimization efforts for outcomes as far as website traffic is concerned.
Now you can see several benefits of WordPress plugin development. You can see several other benefits of WordPress plugin development, making it the most suitable website design platform. If you still with any concern about the plus points you can inquire about the best available options.


Indeed, Custom WooCommerce development is the key and the driving force behind WordPress popularity and success. To cater to users’ versatile needs and the necessity to add plugins can do miracles to your website. Plugins are helpful to enhance WooCommerce. So why not implement WordPress plugins giving users a delightful experience. You can see custom WooCommerce plugin developers and add values to your business prospect.

So what is stopping you? Just go ahead with the WooCommerce plugin and see exciting changes you wouldn’t have imagined with the WordPress extension.

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