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I was curious and took a look at some of the developers available for hire in my country on Toptal and some of them are actually working full-time at companies, and I suppose must be doing this part-time on the side.

Do you know how well that would work in practice? Do companies allow you to only work nights and weekends?


Yeah, right. It all depends on the type of contract you want.

You can set your availability to full time, part-time or hourly. I, for instance, have had all kinds of engagements. Right now I'm working an hourly job, needed to get some rest, but the last 2 years I worked full time on one of them.

You can definitely find companies that allow you to work only at nights or on weekends.


Nice! I am slightly intrigued, maybe I will give the interview a go some day.

Absolutely! Good luck :D

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