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Discussion on: I launched Overpass, a Personalized Pair Programming Service for Devs!

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Emma Goto 🍙

Nice website! I like the logo too.

Couple of things that stood out:

  • The video on the home page took a long time to load for me initially, although it was fine on the second load. I'm not sure how you're hosting it, maybe it might perform better on YouTube. It's a good video though, you come across like a really friendly guy who would make a good pair programmer.
  • Typo - Condusive

It will be interesting to see how you go with getting users. If you're looking to target beginner developers who are looking to start a career in software development, it could be a tad bit pricey.

I could see this working well for developers who are already working, like backend developers looking to upskill into the frontend. Or maybe even tutoring for students attending university/college.

Good luck!

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Matt Waler Author

Wow, thank you so much for all the feedback!

I am definitely trying to target both frontend developers who haven't fully embraced newer frontend stuff, and other developers looking to get into frontend these days.

I will take a look at other options for the video, right now I'm just dumping it onto netlify, but maybe I need to throw it on S3 or just upload it to YouTube.

Thanks again for everything!