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Emma Goto 🍙

I wonder if the fact that DEV has a "saved" articles feature contributes to the problem? If you take a look at the top articles of this month, a lot are list-articles that tell the reader "you need to know XYZ as a developer".

It could be like people see this title, go "oh, I better save this article for later, it could be important" or "this list of project ideas could come in handy later" but it's not really indicative of the quality of the content.

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I believe book marking an article counts towards the reactions on an article, and the number of reactions on an article would most likely spread the article around more on DEV. If the number of reactions would spread an article more, they should probably remove book marked reactions because as you said, people thinking that it may be important but haven't been able to look at it shouldn't make it more popular.