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re: I think it is disruptive and hostile to doing deep, focused work. It is by design: it is meant to interrupt you from whatever you are doing so th...

I agree with this response. The problem here isn't the tool. There are two issues I see.

First and foremost, you need to set clear boundaries. Complaining to us helps you vent. Making a clear and structured argument to your manager could actually improve your life.
I told my manager "Hey, when my meetings are spread through the day, I can't focus long enough to do difficult projects."

He's a great manager, so he told me to block off my calendar for a large block and he moved all of my required meetings to the late afternoon. Solved.

Second, don't assume the way you develop is the only way. I need large block of time, but I also work best in collaboration. I'm capable of writing code in isolation, but the stuff I write in collaboration is better by far.

So we do tech design workshops with two to three devs. We discuss and design on the whiteboard. We use slack to communicate timely things that are higher priority than email (focus changes, new meetings, readiness of PRS, blocker bugs).

We also use it to share links. If you favorite the link, it's quite easy to search. Then you let it go when it's no longer important.

I find slack to be a key part of that ecosystem.

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