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Hi, My name Madhu. I am a JavaScript Developer. I started my career as a Junior FrontEnd Developer around 2 years back. Now i am a cross device developer.

I've been using Vue (MEVN Stack) for almost last 1.5 years and In my current company i am working on Angular (MMAN Stack). I can say Angualr Developer on the day and Vue Developer on night.

I started using this site like few months. I was researching topics related to DevOps. Usually i find articles related to DevOps on a deffirent site. And i came across this community while researching and i fell in love the way the contents was presented. Since then i am using this. Thank you for this great community.

As for the music, yes i always hear music when i put on my coding hat. And music genre i prefer is mostly symphony metal and industrial metal. In my perspective music helps me productive.

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