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Discussion on: Time to eat my feelings!

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A month ago I had the same rejection experience from a company I thought that I happily and proudly would work for. Just right before the final interview, I had to kneel... haha It was a bitter experience but, after all, the experience also has given me hope for the possibility that I would be able to get the job from the company next time. My worse part is that I asked for further feedback from the two senior developers I had an interview with. But, they never replied me back as I expected. haha, I just gave it a shot hoping for more genuine feedback, instead of a formal one. I know you may have felt disheartened temporarily. hope you perk up soon and best of luck with your next interview!

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Lisa Maskovich Author

Thanks Emilie! Honestly, I am happy to have a fresh start. Hoping to have one of those moments in the future where I can look back and see that things worked out better than I ever imagined :)

Thanks for the well wishes. I hope you have success and happiness in your endeavors.