re: Serverless on AWS Lambda: A Comprehensive Comparison Of Approaches (Serverless Framework vs SAM vs Terraform vs CloudFormation) VIEW POST


Some good info here. Of course if we're just talking about deploying lambdas, you've left off console and cli. 😜

I'm using SAM and have had good results getting developers to learn and understand how to use it. SAM isn't actually an abstraction of CloudFormation like Serverless, but an extension. Valid CloudFormation can be used in a SAM template.

I'm also modeling some new infrastructure using CDK. Whether anything goes to production that way remains to be seen. At the very least, CDK is a quick way to write some IoC and you can always just grab the CF template and use that. Of course like terraform and CloudFormation, it lacks any local execution. But still, I expect to see it start showing up on these lists.

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