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1) At work I am the only one who has a desktop PC rather than a laptop. For the simple reason: it's cheaper, and way more powerful than laptops. It's a simple Dell Precision T1700 with a i7, 32GiB RAM, and 1TB SSD (and some Quadro GPU). It's a dual monitor setup. It's currently over 3 years old and still runs circles around the brand new expensive laptops other devs have.

2) At home I have custom build i7-6700K with 32GiB RAM, 1TB SSD, 3TB HDD, GTX1070. I use it mostly for gaming, and when I work at home or some hobby developments. This one is also a dual monitor setup, in fact the exact same U2412M monitors I have at work.

3) On the go I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X240 20AL007Y (with the HDD replaced for a 512GiB SSD). I picked this one because it is small and has a proper battery life. It has proper connections without dongles, nice keyboard, etc. Only the touch pad it rather dumb as it's also a big button. As this laptop was a "business laptop" rather than consumer it also came with no crapware to remove.

4) Custom build Linux HTPC/home server. A Intel N3700 with 16GiB RAM, and 3TB HDD. In a case with a Corsair SF450 PSU. This setup is basically passively cooled. The motherboard with the N3700 is passively cooled. And the SF450 PSU only spins its fans at a certain power usage, which is never reaches.

5) I recently bought by first tablet: Lenovo Pad 4 8. Mainly because it was cheap, small, and some what recent. The only reason I bought this is because I found out my ACM memberhsip gives me full O'Reilly Safari access these days, and I wanted something more portable to read this.

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