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the more I learn, the more I have the feeling that the amount of things I need to know is never-ending

This is true in a lot of fields. Unlike a lot of other fields, the software world is moving really fast and it still keeps accelerating. This is why you primarily focus on learning things which you (might) use in the near future.

That the things to learn is never-ending is also a great thing. Think of it as a journey where you can keep exploring new things. And at some point, you become part of the people who increase the world which people can journey through (if you like to).

If you get stuck. Take a break from that part and go do one of the many other things you can do. It doesn't help focusing on a single thing you cannot figure out. Walk away! and focus on a different thing. Quite often you get a eureka effect, and solve the thing you were stuck at.

"One of the best programming skills you can have is knowing when to walk away for awhile." - Oscar Godson

In a good team walking away from an problem is supported. If it's not, then you may need to consider walking away from that team.


I actually like your advice, especially the one related to team support. I am lucky to work with a very supportive and relaxed team, I think the pressure comes more from my side. Maybe with experience the bad days will be fewer and fewer and they won't feel so bad anymore. Thank you for sharing.

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