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Discussion on: 18 websites, where you can find a remote job

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I understand that though. When working remotely you're asking a company to take a lot more on faith, especially early in your employment with them.

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Adrien Giboire • Edited on

Why should that be?

You can set up light process/habits to keep track of one's doing on a daily basis. Like a short sum up at the end of the day to keep track of what your fellow developers did and will do.

Been a few years working remotely, no one ever had problem with me and never had problem with anyone. Or if there was, it was detected fast.

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Brian Barbour

I've worked remotely at a few jobs. I think if you can't be trusted or aren't getting your work done because of at home distractions, then it's super obvious.

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Adrien Giboire


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Alex K.

That's not the only reason. When you're applying for a remote job you're not competing only with the local talent, but quite often with the applicants from all over the world, which of course makes landing the job more challenging.