re: What habit do many senior engineers have that juniors should try to avoid adopting? VIEW POST


I think many engineer's passion for programming and creating tend to decline as they spend time in industry. They may look back at their old hobby projects and remember the nights they stayed up fueled by their desire to make something with a sort of nostalgia. They remember these as the good times when they really cared and were excited about what they were doing.

Although I'm not a senior engineer by any means, I think it's important to allow your passions to change along with you. I want to remember what I love about programming and engineering, find new things to love, and let some things I love go. That way I can allow myself to find the things that make every single day of my career enjoyable.


To add to this, its okay if your passion isn't coding. Trying to pretend it is and burning out isnt good for you, your employer or your long term health.

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