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Squids Launched Free Enterprise-level DBaaS Platform for Multi-Cloud for MySQL, Redis and SQL Server are publicly available.

Squids launched its first enterprise-level DBaaS platform -, a free database management solution for both public and private clouds.

Now you can use our one-stop database solution for MySQL, Redis, and SQL Server on Amazon Web Services(AWS) and Alibaba Cloud. With a few simple clicks, users can easily set up, monitor, backup and scale your deployments with

We allow you to host your database clusters through your own cloud account as many businesses don't want to host through an account that is not owned by their own. In the choice of cloud service providers, remains absolutely neutral. We provide one-click cloning and data migration services to help users freely move between clouds.

Go to[] to get started!

Our supported clouds will include Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure soon, and other databases like MongoDB, ElasticSearch and Kafka are also on the way, stay tuned!


Flexible Configurations

Compared with the traditional RDS services of the big three cloud providers, offers more flexible virtual machines (VMs) configurations. You can directly use our recommended configurations or customize the configurations, including support for Arm-based instances, and free combination of local SSD and cloud SSD. Through the combination, you will further reduce the overall costs of database services in the cloud.

Security and Stability provides a highly reliable database service by realizing 2-3 copies of data protection on the cloud and seamless switchover from failure to high availability so as to ensure business service continuity. Apart from that, uses security measures such as TLS/SSL encryption, IP whitelisting and data storage encryption to improve the security of users' data in the cloud.

Best Performance

Built on Kubernetes, also known as k8s, along with open source engines, offers robust database services in the cloud. Supporting mainstream open source database engines including MySQL, Redis and SQLServer, provides best deployment, high scalability and high availability, so that users can focus on business development rather than operational overhead and complexity. Additionally, the combination of open source engines as well as VMs help users achieve both high performance and cost efficiency.

Get started with

Ready to get started? makes it easy to shift operational workloads to the cloud at the best price & performance. Go to[] to quickly build a highly available database cluster in the cloud now!

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