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re: My development environment setup (Part 1) VIEW POST


Sorry that Windows blue-screened on you, Jorge. Glad you were able to channel your anger into something constructive (i.e., this post).

Windows is a very good development environment. Especially if you are all-in on the Windows way of developing.

If you have not drank the Windows flavor-ade, you can still go a long way using WSL, or Cygwin, or even SFU (although I think WSL supersedes SFU, but not everyone is on Windows 10). One foot in each world. Of those, my personal preference is Cygwin.

There is a native (GUI) Windows build of Vim. (Just as there is a native build of Vim for Mac, called... MacVim.)

For doing .NET development, Visual Studio is hard to beat. If you are doing Mono development on an non-Windows platform, Visual Studio (formerly Xamarin) for that non-Windows platforms is highly recommended. I did all my F# coding for Mono on a Macintosh, without a hitch. Only thing lacking was WPF, since WPF is tightly coupled to DirectX — probably why Microsoft hasn't open-sourced WPF as they've done with so many other .NET technologies. (Open-source kudos to Microsoft under the Satya leadership era!)

Code on!

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