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I have about 2 dozen Macintosh computers (iMac, MacBook Pro, iMac Pro, Mac mini, et al), about 2 dozen various devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch, iPad Pro), and about a dozen various personal computers running Windows or Linux (Surface RT, HP Envy, Puget, Polywell, yada yada).

My primary computers I use on a daily basis are: iMac Pro, another iMac Pro, a MacBook Pro with the stupid touchbar, and a Puget box with Windows 10.

Some people like to put together a "do it yourself" Build•A•Box, but that's not my cup of tea.

The application I work on these days targets macOS and Windows 10. So... there you be. It's mostly C++, but has parts in other languages (about 20 languages in all) that are either part of the deliverable or part of the build process (e.g., Perl scripts gluing bits together during the build).

Although I use Xcode and Visual Studio, my primary editor is Vim.

My source control is old school Perforce. My hope is to switch to Git. My fear is that there are some features of Perforce that are really nice that I'll miss. Like Time-Lapse View, and a dead-simple paradigm of being a versioning file server. There are other features of Git that I'd like, such as moving away from all of Perforce's boundless quirks and bugs (I'd probably hit the posting size limit if I tried to list them all out... death by a thousand papercuts).

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