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Discussion on: If you could write a programming language how would it be?

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I've heard good things about PostSharp, which provides exactly the kind of "get rid of the boring boilerplate" capability for C# that you want.

Not sure what is available for Java. My friends that are programming for JVM are pretty much using Kotlin, Scala, or Clojure these days. Clojure has all the meta-programming goodness you could possibly want, and it also emphasizes functional programming... and if you like Lisp you'll be right at home! (But if you don't like Lisp, you may grimace.)

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Bob van Hoove

I have no allergy to parentheses, I've dealt with Lisp when in college and experienced no itch whatsoever :) I do sense that giving FP a try for real is only a matter time.

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Tobias Salzmann

Scala also has decent meta programming with scala.meta
There's also a high chance that as an API creator, you might get by using a library such as shapeless, to avoid manipulating the AST (yourself) completely

I do love the fact that in clojure, meta programming is very similar to non-meta-programming.