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Discussion on: Build A Modern Discord Bot from Scratch. Learn the basics

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Elijah Trillionz Author • Edited on

Oh thanks for this. I never really understood the intents yet. Will check more on it and make the changes.

Also the intents I stated were originally to be used, but the article had grown to large already.

And thanks for the correction on the prefix. I checked the message properties, but that of content doesn't seem to have any prop (from the docs). Or is it msg.startsWith?, because i still can't find that.

Update: I just verified the startsWith method on VSCode, but I still can't find it in the docs though. It's like it's hidden or something

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Lioness100 • Edited on

message.content is a string. You can use any string method on it. It wouldn't be listed on discord.js docs

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Elijah Trillionz Author

oh wow! I didn't know about this method before. Thanks for sharing