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7 Out of Office Places to Spark Your Creativity

Creative ideas aren’t always easy to come up with, but some days are harder than others. When those days come, sitting in your office and staring at the walls rarely helps. In fact, working from a static environment might just be the reason you hit a creative wall. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to get your creative gears rolling. A new location allows you to interact with new people and see different things that can easily bring fresh ideas and new perspectives. If all your creative juices have drained, here are 7 suggestions of places that you can visit to jumpstart your creative part of the brain.

  1. Bookstore/library

    Libraries are a hub for information of different kinds that are bound to give you tons of fresh ideas. You can read a book on a topic that you are currently working on. Even without reading, the features of a book such as the cover, texture, and the weight of different books can take you into the author’s mind. You are likely to find inspiration as you identify different clues of what to find inside the book. Besides this, most libraries have quiet spaces where you can just plug in your computer and enjoy the silence. This could be a plus for you if you are one of those individuals who find inspiration when it is quiet.

    1. Coworking space Coworking spaces provide a dedicated space for work away from the chaos usually found in offices. In addition, coworking spaces have all the amenities that you need for ideas to start flowing. The good thing about these modern workspaces is that they are almost everywhere you go, including in New York. If you travel to NY for business, you can be sure to find one among the reliable coworking spaces in New York that suit your needs.
    2. A friend’s house The missing piece to your big idea could just be lying in your friend’s mind. Your friends see things differently from you. A simple conversation could unlock ideas that you hadn’t thought of. The next time you hit a creativity fog, drive down to your friend’s house. Share what you have been working on and ask for his or her opinion. You might just find some inspiration in something he or she says.
    3. The road Taking a long drive once in a while can be refreshing to the mind. There is a lot that you can think of when it is only you, the steering wheel, some music, and the open road ahead. Driving without a defined destination can be exciting and liberating. You get the chance to think freely, which activates that creative part of the brain. To make the most of your time on the road, make stopovers at interesting sceneries and interact with strangers whenever you get the chance. You are likely to gain a new perspective on your creative project and birth the best ideas from the experience.
    4. Old favorite place We all have that place that we used to frequent quite a lot but haven’t done so in a while due to increasing life commitments. It could be a park in your old neighborhood, the beach or a cottage in the woods. Revisiting such a place can bring back the excitement that it used to back in the day. What’s more, allowing yourself to relive the memories can as well inspire some creativity in your brain.
    5. Hiking trail Being around nature is beneficial to the brain owing to its calming effect. Moreover, when the brain is calm, the creative part of it becomes active. In addition, nature has a way of making us appreciate the surroundings. It is just fascinating to gain the perspective of a bigger world than you can merely comprehend. In this state of fascination, fresh ideas and new perspectives hit the mind.
    6. Art museum Art museums are home to creative pieces made by great minds in the creative industry drawn from different origins and eras. By far, they are the best place for learning. There is a lot that you can learn from a single piece of art. The style, color, and more can speak volumes on what was on the artist’s mind, which broadens your thinking.

Inspiration can hit anywhere and at any time. On the days that it is hard to come, getting out of the office can do the trick. The next time you feel like your creative well is dry, look for a place that can inspire you and get ideas flowing. If you have no idea where to go, one of the above seven spots can be a great start.

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Henry Williams

Hey @elezarachel. Great article! Although your formatting seems a bit off. E.g., the last 6 points are nested under the first one.