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7 Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring a Website Development Company In India!

Choosing the right website development company to help you create your online presence can be quite a challenging task, especially if you're new to this world. It's essential to choose someone who has the experience and skills necessary to create something that will work well and function correctly and meet your business goals and objectives.

Keeping that in mind, here are 7 questions you must ask any potential website development company in India before hiring them to help you with your website development needs.

1) What's your experience?

A good developer has seen a lot of projects come and go. They know what works, what doesn't, and what needs to be changed in order to make your website a success. By asking them about their experience with other projects, you'll get an idea of how their experience will translate into results for your project. If they can't provide specific details or names of companies they've worked within the past, they probably don't have much experience.

2) What can I expect from your customer service?

Asking what you can expect from their customer service is one of those questions that should tell you whether or not you'll be satisfied. If they can't give you a straight answer (or if they don't know), it's probably best to move on.

3) How much time will the project take to complete?

Whether you're redesigning your site or creating an entirely new one, it's essential to get an idea of how long you can expect things to take. With such big projects, any sudden (and unforeseen) delays could add to considerable wasted time and money—making it essential for both parties to know exactly what they're getting into.

4) Do you have any examples of past projects?

That appears like it should be obvious, but I've seen many people ask for estimates from potential developers without first checking their portfolios. They usually just get vague responses that don't give them enough information to make an informed decision. If you find yourself in such a place, politely ask if they can share any examples of their past work.

5) Are you willing to learn new languages?

If you're going to hire a website developer, you'll want someone willing to learn new languages. This way, they can better serve your current and future needs. Some developers may say yes when they mean no, but it's still important to clarify what you mean by new languages. Do you need Flash capabilities? If so, does your developer know how to use it? These questions will save time (and money) in the long run.

6) What level of support will I receive after launch?

Not all developers offer ongoing support, so it's important to know what kind of after-launch support you can expect. If you hire an in-house developer or agency, you'll probably have someone on call for emergency fixes, but most will provide only basic customer service such as troubleshooting and bug fixing.

But if your website is built on an open-source platform like WordPress, there may be less developer involvement required after launch; many hosting services include help forums where users help each other with issues. For every stage of development, find out: What support do I get? What kind of response time can I expect? Are there any limitations to their assistance?

7) How would you resolve conflicts if they arise during development?

This is key. Will you go over to their office for face-to-face meetings, or will they work off your instructions? How comfortable are you with that arrangement? When someone's not delivering on something they promised, how do you want them to handle it? What happens if they can't deliver at all? Communication is critical during any project, especially when different people are working toward a common goal.

Final Words!

Once you've asked all of these questions before hiring a website development company in India, you should know whether or not you want to work with that particular web developer. If so, feel free to contact them about their services. However, if their answers leave something to be desired, there are plenty of other talented website developers out there!

Keep searching until you find a web developer who gets it right.

Good luck!

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