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re: Forgive the probably dumb question from someone who hasn't used Docker much, but how does one update AppWrite when a new release is out? Can't find...

Hey Thomas, you can find out how to upgrade on the installation page one the docs:

Look for the: "Upgrade From an Older Version" section at the bottom

Hope this helps.


🤦‍♂️I JUST found that seconds before you posted and was coming here to post. But thank you! In case someone else finds this (including future me)… in my case, for some reason, the docker container name did not match what was in that documentation (mine was appwrite_appwrite_1 ???)

If you have only one Appwrite container running, 'appwrite' should work fine. In case you are running multiple containers named 'appwrite', you can use the container ID to run the upgrade command.

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