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Hi Yev,
Seems interesting. I'll download it and later comment.


Thanks for the feedback! Hope you'll find it useful.


Hi Yev,
Mi first result is, today, in the context of an old cell phone, ran out of battery long before usual. That's not, however, entirely attributable to your app.
But my question is how to get the desktop app. It would be much more useful for me in desktop.

It might have contirbuted a little, it prevents the phone from sleeping. Although I also implemented a background persist feature so that you could just click the home button, let the phone sleep and it will just alert the user via push notifications once a sprint is done.

Unfortunately, I haven't implemented a desktop version yet. I originally wanted try building an app and share my experience, I didn't really think that some people would find the actual app interesting.

But I will be releasing a desktop version and will probably make it open source in the next week. Once done, I'll reply to you again if ever you're interested playing with it again.

Thanks, I'll try the background persist!

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