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Discussion on: Retro CRT terminal screen in CSS + JS

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Edwin Author

Oh, it was easier than I thought.

I defined the interval variable at the top of the io.js module. Everytime you call type() it will overwrite the interval. I use setInterval to process the queue of characters one by one. So if type() is called while another is still running, only the last one will finish.

Moving the interval variable inside the type() function ensures every promise will execute asynchronously like you expect. Not sure why I wrote it like this in the first place, probably because I thought I would only need 1 typer at the same time, lol.

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That's fantastic. I'm very glad it was an easy find for you and greatly appreciate you looking into it for me. Works like a charm. That would have taken me ages to find, as I was going down the "how's the promise getting messed up" path.

I've got a lot to learn, but you've got great code for me to follow, so thanks again.