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Cta Project Update

Work I have done so far
For my IST 402 class, my partner and I were assigned to create a call to action button. This is definitely a learning experience for me because I have no experience with CSS, HTML, or JavaScript. So far, my partner and I have completed much of the JavaScript code when making our button. The button is designed to be clicked on and bring you to the 'find grey goose' website. We are currently working on the design and properties of our button to make it similar to the 'find grey goose' button on their website.

Our biggest struggle in this project is the difficulties we have been facing when merging our work on zoom. It was not until recently where we were able to push and pull to the repository without any issues. Another difficulty I personally face is getting used to HTML because of my lack of familiarity. Luckily the internet is always there to help me, along with my team members of course.

Other than the accomplishments I listed above, our most recent success was getting the icon added into our button. This was demonstrated thoroughly during our last class.


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