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Weather App with React & TypeScript

Hi, could you please reach out by creating an issue on GitHub?

Getting started with Typescript with React Hooks [2021]

As a side note using React.FC/React.FunctionComponent types t...

Best Chart Libraries for React

Worth mentioning, recharts - 15.7k ⭐ ...

What was your win this week?

Thanks Luciano, To be honest the dark mode switch used in the...

What was your win this week?

Thank you! Dana

What was your win this week?

Added dark mode feature to my project ReactWeather.

Share your Portfolio here πŸ“£ Static HTML, SCSS, and JS Hosted on Github Pages

Weather App with React & TypeScript

Thank you so much Andrew.

Weather App with React & TypeScript

Thanks a lot!

Weather App with React & TypeScript

Thanks for pointing out the issue, now it's fixed

What was your win this week?

I made a weather app with React and Typescript Here is the Li...

NPM vs Yarn: which package manager do you use?

For me doesn't really matter which one to use as long as the ...

What's your favorite templating engine?

I like Nunjucks, it's great, has more features and easier to ...

[Challenge] 🐝 FizzBuzz without if/else

Oh yeah! didn't notice that, I have updated my solution

[Challenge] 🐝 FizzBuzz without if/else

Here is an ugly solution in one line for (let i ...

Fonts for websites? is the largest web font collection, it has a...

Show me your personal website/portfolio

Thanks man, I tried many of these tools but ended with choosi...

Show me your personal website/portfolio

Here is mine Prototyped in Adobe XD Pure HTML ...

I'm still using Firefox

I do have Chrome installed on my computer but I never had any...

Send a screenshot of your Code Editor πŸ“Έ

Theme: One Dark Pro Font: FiraCode In my opinion this is the...

Tell us what your top unpopular tech opinion is 😈

I do use Chrome but only for it's developer tools which is ...

Coronavirus info dashboard with React


React Suite 4.1.0 release, support for RTL πŸŽ‰

I have just checked the suite, and it's amazing considering...

Apply to all jobs, job postings are not realistic anyway.

I recently come across a job post with these requirements, ...

You can create these elements without JavaScript

Very useful, thanks for sharing

Angular 11.0 Good Stuff

Angular is simply amazing I enjoy working with it more than...

What is your favorite editor and why?

I mostly develop frontend apps with Angular, and VSCode is ...

whats your dev setup

Custom-built PC from 2015 with Intel i5 4590, 8GB Ram, 128G...

This is probably the funniest Codepen I found this year!

That was fantastic!

What's one resource most devs don't know that you use regularly? Zeal is a must-have tool for me, it helps me...