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Why don't you have an interactive session this afternoon where you poll the audience and use their prompts? You might be solving a problem you don't have.

And if they want to play with it, buy yourself time after the demo. 1) you have limited time 2) you don't want to disengage them from the presentation


This would be the best solution if I had access to the audience. I'm remote and will not be the one giving the presentation tomorrow.

I think the eventual solution here will be to pont them to download a zip file with a precompiled bundle. Not quite a seamless as a URL, but that's already done and will work in about three clicks.


Why are you giving them access to it anyway? I understand wanting to wow the audience, but at the same time you risk your IP with your idea, no?

No real IP risk. This is an engineering unit pitching a project to their own company.

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