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Testing MacOS Big Sur 11.0 Beta 9 on MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015)

I have finally installed Big Sur developer beta.
I couldn't even finished installation process when it first came out a few months ago.
You can find that adventure here:

After installation finished first thing I do is to run my SDLMame. (

Then I recorded a video with QuickTime.
Then I edited it with OpenShot video editor.


Then I posted on YouTube with new Safari web browser.

All this worked without any errors and I haven't heard any fan noise.

You can watch the video I have recorded here:

bigsur sdlmame

My MacBook Air is very old and its battery is dead.
It can only hold 30 minutes of charge and I was pretty sure that this major operating system update is going to kill this machine.

Also I was thinking that these open source applications would not work at all.

All went well and I'm a bit surprised and happy :)

I'm going to work a little more on this OS and will post updates if anything goes wrong.

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