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Testing Big Sur beta 11 installation on MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015)

efe profile image Efe Ertugrul ・2 min read

I'm going to try to install "Big Sur" on an old macbook air and see what happens.

Alt Text

Just now i got this error:

Alt Text

I had to login and download .dmg again.
I installed that .pkg and restart upgrade.
Now i see this:

Alt Text

Ok now i had to delete almost everything because this macbook air has a 128gb. ssd:

Alt Text

Now it is installing:

Alt Text

And now it says almost 4 hours. I hope i don't get a fatal error:

Alt Text

As you can see it is now more than 6 hours:

Alt Text

Maybe this is because im upgrading from Mojave not Catalina. I didn't install Catalina it was very buggy. But now i have to upgrade because i have a mac app on the store that needs to be "big sur" ready asap.

Now a few hours later im looking at this:

Alt Text

At this point i just don't care anymore. Im gonna leave this open and go to sleep. I will see what happens when i wake up.

I have just clicked cancel.

It was at 7 hours mark and i got mad.

So as you can see it is almost impossible to install "Big Sur" beta 11 on a MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015). So i hope they are going to fix their big release later.

Final Thoughts

I think it is too much of a risk at this point. I felt like installing a Red Hat linux to a pentium 3 machine. I also did that years ago and it took me 5 hours to finish with 8 CDs and no internet connection. But this Big Sur beta 11 installation couldn't even finish after 7 hours.

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Ben Sinclair

This is pretty much par for the course with Apple updates, and it's why people are so reluctant to do them. My current job strongly discourages anyone from updating MacOS because we're all working remotely and it's that much harder for someone to troubleshoot.

A fun game I like playing is counting the number of different widget styles the update progresses through, such as background colours, progress bars, and so on.

The best bit is when Macbooks restart but don't turn the screen on and you have literally no way of knowing whether they've crashed or are just slow, because Apple don't want you to be exposed to scary things like power indicator lights.

efe profile image
Efe Ertugrul Author

yes and also i have a feeling that this beta upgrade will not end well.
we will see i guess.

rasoolakhter profile image

i installed successfully but now can not get update beta 2 or 3 but i mention that every thing is normal i big sur on macbook air early 2015 model