re: đŸ“ˆ I've open-sourced a simple Coronavirus (COVID-19) dashboard (React + Chart.js + BootstrapTable) VIEW POST

re: I've got one too, It's a little on the minimal side of things though Covid-19 Counter

Looks great! Just one tiny bug I found.. Pagination doesn't reset when searching.
e.g: Type "Tu" and it shows 4 results and "17" pages.


Thanks for reporting the bug! Do you mean that countries table height is not being changed when, let's say, it is only two countries found as a search result?

That was for me, hahah

Sorry Oleksii! I meant to reply to only Sid's comment (I was referring to his app, not yours).
Your app works great btw, and I've already shared it :)

Haha! I see now :D


Oh thanks, Will be fixed today

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