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I'm from 1981 so for me it was growing up in the MS-DOS Era.

I went to a computer shop with a grownup to check out computers with 5Mb harddisk.

I somehow managed to format the hard-drive. I was 9 😅.

My first coding was logic in batch files. Loved it. After a few years I was doing qbasic and building install menus for floppy disks with games on it. Unrar this put in disk two 😂.

Then I got the turbo Pascal book of my nephew when I was 12 and my school couldn't help me out. I got stuck and this was in the baby shoes of the www.
Once I went to my technical engineering study there was Altavista (baby 😉) and I learned the ropes with we development (actual developing instead of fiddling with Frontpage).

Thanks to MS-DOS I learned logic before actual coding. It made it easier somehow so I'll be sure to help my kids with a logic robot or something to get ahead. They're 6 now so maybe next year 😎.

Loved how fragile and difficult it all was then. But to ship hard, nowadays there isn't any excuse anymore.

Code Hard, Ship Harder ✌🏻️ 🔥

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