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Strapilicious - Starting up a new ReactJS project should not be boring

As a software developer and project lead, I do a lot of project prototyping to lay out new ideas for a project from time to time. I have lots of project ideas that come to my head everyday. These range from Web portals to mobile Apps to SAAS solutions to even Linux scripts and WordPress plugins. Some of these have gone on to be live projects today and others are still in my archives.

But I recently started getting frustrated with how much time and energy I have to spend to layout the basic ideas I have before I can showcase the prototype to friends, colleagues and prospective investors. Time spent to build the basic menu, portal layout, CSS styling, mobile responsiveness, etc. In some cases, I end up using some of the thousands of different plugins and libraries out there to do simple tasks, just to save time and energy. As we all know and as we say in my home country, Nigeria, TIME NA MONEY (TIME IS MONEY)!

My Solution?

I decided to do something about this and Strapilicious was born. Strapilicious is a simple but powerful bootstrapped startup web app that enables you start up a new web project in minutes (maybe seconds), with all the basic features you need in place. Responsive menus, Navigation bar, Header slider, Blog, Contact and About Pages, Social Media taggging ready, Custom useful React Hooks for various tasks, predefined CSS styles for HTML elements and much more.

All for free!
Currently, it is available as plain HTML/CSS/Javascript package and also as a React JS app startup package. All you need to startup a new ReactJS app is to clone the GitHub repository, run the npm install command and you are ready to go live.

So anytime you want to startup that new React App, instead of using create-react-app to create your app, just clone Strapilicious and you are good to go. You can then go on to add your idea's specifics faster and beat that project delivery time. It will save you lots of time and MONEY!

Check out the project page on GitHub.

GitHub Link:

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