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Discussion on: Should I buy a kindle?

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Edoardo Ceccarelli

YES!, do invest in a Kindle it is going to become your reading companion and you will love it, bear in mind though that this is a device that focuses on making you enjoy novels, so if you are thinking of using it for tech reading, books for programming or books to learn stuff in general then it might not work (as it didn't work for me)

currently my 5th gen (non paperwhite) holds one, max two novels at a time and a few books I like to read or re-read once in a while, plus I am constantly trying to transfer into it stuff I find online, through services like readitlater or pocket but it never worked well for that: web reading usually needs accompanying images and they don't show up nice on the kindle.

PS: PDF experience on the classic models is terrible: you need to scroll left and right while reading, if your main format is PDF you need to investigate about it