Am I A Senior Dev?

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I have been working as the only front-end developer at my current employer for over five years (in what is now a mostly dead technology - Backbone.js). Before that I was a full stack developer using technologies that are no longer in high demand (LAMP + jQuery).

I'm currently unlearning some bad habits (the kind that come from not having code reviews) and learning new libraries/frameworks (React/MERN).

I guess, what I really want to know is, at what point is one considered a senior (front-end) developer? It seems like I should be by now, but I don't feel like I am. Thoughts?

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Hello Ed,
I think that to be a senior, you need to have a vision not only technically, but also, the market and business vision. When you put this all together you can propose solution for any kind o business or problems, of course, if you're follow a path that requires from only a one type of technology your capacity to provide solutions will be short.

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