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Step 1: Logging into Azure Portal
Open your web browser and navigate to
Sign in using your Azure account credentials.
Step 2: Navigating to Virtual Machines
After logging in, you’ll land on the Azure dashboard. In the left-hand menu, click on “Virtual machines”
This will take you to the Virtual machines section, where you can manage your VMs.
Step 3: Creating a New Virtual Machine
Click the “+ Add” button to start creating a new virtual machine.
The process begins with configuring the basics of your VM:
Subscription: Choose the appropriate subscription.
Resource Group: Create a new or select an existing resource group.
Virtual machine name: Give your VM a unique name.
Region: Choose the data center region closest to you.
Availability options: Select the availability preferences.
Image: Choose the operating system as window 11
add administration account password, click on monitoring and (disable) then tag with the VM name
step 4: click on review and create for virtual machine to be deployed and wait for it to be completed. Also click on recourse group to extend the idle time out on the IP address and save, connect download RDP and save into your local repository and lunch your virtual machine

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