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Discussion on: Everything you need to know about Docker Swarm

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Eddy Ernesto del Valle Pino

Is kind of like CoffeeScript it is "dead" still has 1.3 million downloads per week.
Swarm is also way easier to setup and manage than k8, at my company we use swarm.

The good parts:

  • Is just docker, no thing else needs to be installed.
  • Is just docker, deployment and networking works very similar to using docker-compose
  • Automatic load balancing.
  • Swarmpit let's you deploy just by pushing an image to a registry, when swarmpit sees that the hash of the tag changed it pulls that image and deploys it. No need for CI to tell the cluster to deploy something, it just needs to build and push an image.

The bad:

  • No global volumes, if a container moves node it leaves the volume behind and creates a new one, so not very suitable for stateful servers like DB servers except you pin them to a node but then you loose reliability.
  • Main tools to manage the cluster are kind of unmaintained, like: swarmpit
  • Some people think is uncool, some people want to use k8 because they know they get asked for it to get a new job.