Discussion on: There's More Than One Way to Become a Developer

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Eddy Sims

I am mostly self taught. I went to school for a "Multimedia Development" diploma which taught me very little programming. I have taught myself all that I know about development through either youtube tutorials, side projects or at work. I have been in the industry for around 13 years now.

I have worked at small startups (2 - 3 people) and at larger companies (200+ people) and have helped hire at both. In my hiring I have never taken a CS/Bootcamp degree into consideration. To me schooling does not make a good developer.. What makes a good developer is someone who is humble, interested in tech and interested in learning. I tend to find a lot of (not all) student who come out of a CS program lack these and are more interested in the industry because of the pay.

My advice to people looking to get into the industry is always to network. Find people in the industry and connect with them. Whether that is through meetups, LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever. The more connections you have, the better off you are.