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You know, I feel that at least in my case, this pattern is shared with other areas in life. You wait with this special trip or big change or small intimate hobby (which really talks to you) you wanted to do because you just want to finish something, to feel prepared or more available for the next step. Something like that

We all full of patterns and ways of thoughts


wow, that is so accurate! I do! I put everything off that is personal to me, now that you said that. Although this year I have done better with doing more things I wanted to for my personal life.


Recently I've put a lot of thought into understanding my patterns, my inner programs - the way you think and act in certain situations and so on. I do that because it helps me cope and develop myself.

You might like to watch/hear interviews with Russel Brand about his book about his addictions. Also liked, for example, his podcast episode with Gabor Mate ("under the skin" podcast). That's not an ad, I really find a warm place there.

I love his stuff. I will check out the ones you listed. Thank you. It's also another thing that I've been working on myself, self awareness and improvement.

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