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Building a PWA with Next.js and Strapi

edapm profile image Ed Mason Updated on ・1 min read

My current project is Lunchbench, an open-source API/web app for documenting good places to picnic. It began last May, when I was trying to find a good place for a picnic nearby. I wrote an initial prototype with Django over the summer but later abandoned it. I learnt React and Next.js in the autumn, and, after discovering Strapi, started to build it again.

I wrote the project in TypeScript and used Tailwind for styling. I am using Mapbox for the map side of things. So far the project is going well, and you can currently view already-created Lunchbenches. I am currently building a way to create new Lunchbenches and add them to the database.

Please check out the project on GitHub: lunchbench/client

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