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Discussion on: Really, why React?

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Where did i say JSX was standard? Learning React is not a costly mistake, because in today's world, it will earn you more jobs than just knowing HTML/CSS. Maybe you don't like it, but don't fool yourself. The frontend market is dominated by React.

Just look here, at The majority of junior dev are doing React, and the majority of hiring managers, are hiring for react. That's part of the rant of Jordan.

The market is flooded by React and no clean alternative is really emerging. Sure, there is Vue. But vue is not without it's own mistakes.

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Antonios Liakakis • Edited

As I said if you need to put food in the table React is the way to go.
But being the best option? I wouldn't go that far. Moreover, NO Jordan's article is not a rant but exactly what is wrong with today's front end market. The majority of juniors dealing with React most probably are not aware of the basics and that is sad not something to celebrate. Moreover, using junior devs as a measure of the success of React is quite strange. How can you accept the opinion of someone just starting for an expert one? The majority of hiring managers are just following the hype and marketing therefore I wouldn't count there acumen when it comes to front end. The market is flooded with React for all the wrong reasons. Vue has its mistakes but surely less than React.
But let me say again. If you want to get a job learn React but hope you will not hate development in the process.

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Jordan Brennan Author • Edited

You're right about learning JSX - it doesn't hurt. But you got to get out of the bubble. There are TONS of clean alternatives already widely in use and growing in popularity every day.

Also, because I was once a junior dev I do not take any queues from what jr devs are doing :) Juniors flock to React for all the wrong reasons (#1 being it's the most popular...because it's the most popular)