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Discussion on: The Tech Industry is Failing Junior Devs

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I have 20 years of experience in this industry. Give me the benefit of the doubt for a moment please. Suspend your skepticism and try to see the Big picture.

I know for sure there's a difference between the average junior licensee and the average bootcamper. And to make things clear, I'm not talking about you bekha. You might be the exception, i juste can't know and i will never juge your abilities here on a blogpost.

The fact is, a university diploma will get you a job in about 3 month in IT and about a year for bootcamp profiles that did not gave up searching.

I Hope that this reallity is told in bootcamps before the students start the training and paying for it.

Juste to give you an insight. I work with about 25 developpers, and 8 of them where hired as fresh juniors at one time here. One is a bootcamper.

That's 3 years the bootcamper is working in this team. I mentor him. He's still trying to catchup, and as much as i like him, because he has some other skills, i see the difference in his ability to be autonomous and to abstract things. He still needs a lot of my attention. In comparison the master Junior we just hired is already helping him understand things and i don't need to mentor him has much.

Is it worth for a recruiters to hire juniors. Yes. You Can make him learn and understand your business
and processes better than someone with prior experience.
But like you said, it takes time and dedication to mentor a junior. So in practice, i can only mentor one at a time.

In All my time in software industry, i always worked at places where we mentored juniors. I don't see why it would have suddently changed. And around me, my friends in IT have the same experience with bootcamp profiles that we shared.

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Agree with this, but for me the point of having a diploma is only useful to get first job, as you said Its much easier to get a job in 3 months with a university diploma.
As an example I dont have a university diploma, I did a bootcamp, but in order to be able to get offers after my first internship I had to do a lot of side projects, and now after 2years I get a job outside of my country. Every interview that I had never asked for what I studied. What matters after your first job Its what you do during your career