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Windows 11 - Upgrade on Unsupported Hardware

It is possible to install windows 11 on unsupported hardware. Here's how!

It is risky if you upgrade to windows 11 in a bit of ram. For a unsupported hardware + good performance, you must be have 2 GB Ram, 1.87 gb or less used. If your Windows 11 work a lot slow, you can downgrade to 10 back in only 10 days, after the 10 days time, you need to download Windows 10 ISO if you want to downgrade back.

Installing through running Windows 10

If you want to upgrade your OS, you need to launch your computer first, after it is launched, attach the installation media and then run setup.exe file of setup.

Bypass 'This PC Can't Run Windows 11' through running windows 10

Its simple. In the installation media, open its sources folder and delete the appraiseres.dll file. It contains the windows 11 requirements, if computer can't access it, you can install windows on unsupported hardware. Congrats! Now you will install to Windows 11

Installing through Boot from the Installation Media

If you attach the external USB/CD/DVD Drive containing the installation media, you need to boot from it. Next, in the boot when you have a install button, you need to first press Shift + F10 and type regedit. Create the given registries with their values as shown here at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Setup\ and create new registry key called LabConfig and add these values:

Name Value
BypassCPUCheck 1
BypassTPMCheck 1
BypassSecureBootCheck 1
BypassRAMCheck 1
BypassStorageCheck 1

Now, Windows will skip the check of CPU (Central Processing Unit), TPM (Trusted Platform Module), Secure Boot, RAM (Random-Access Memory), and Storage.

Congrats, these are 2 ways to install windows and skip 'This PC Can't Run Windows 11'.

Final touches

These are the max 2 steps to install any version of windows. You need to be must have downloaded the windows 11 iso. It offers you a lot tools, new refreshed ui and a lot more. If your computer is working too slowly, please go back to windows 10 from settings. Else, you need 5 gb of internet to download windows 10 again.

Recomeneed Requirements

If your pc meet these requirements, it would be great and you might not go downgrade to 10.
These are the optional suggested requirments:

40 GB Free Disk Space (50 Total)
Intel 4000 Graphic Driver
TPM - Not needed
Secure Boot - Not needed
CPU - Any Intel CPU

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