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Get Python Mastered!

Hi there,

I am a 10 years old kid, and I have perfect english understanding and speaking. I also have great knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, and Scratch. I also teach on youtube as E - Coders is owned by me. See bottom for the link to youtube channel.

From December 27, I have finalized my book and published it to Google Play. You can get the link at bottom. I'd love if peoples could by my book. The title of my book is 'A Ashish's Guide to GREAT PYTHON DEVELOPMENT' and I covered 71 lessons in that. Could you by my book? I will produly say that it is written by me as my typing speed is 69 WPM (Words Per Minute) and some paragraphs are taken from some websites, which are listed in the References in the last page.

Could you buy it? You'll get python mastered. Can you do it?

I'd love if you can buy. Still if you want to get 30 pages of begginging for free, you can mail me at the mail given at bottom.

Please buy as possible!

Link is given below with more links!

👉 Github:
👉 YouTube:
👉 Scratch:
👉 Creater of Lexking Website:
👉 My Website:
👉 My Blog:
👉 E-mail:
👉 Book On Google Play Store:
👉 Book on Google Books:
👉 Book Post on My Blog:

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