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Discussion on: What's your coding origin story?

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My first encounter with programming was way back in 1995. I've had IBM 8086. I was sooo into computers and my parents friend was construction engineer that "knew computers" :D

I went to his home as a kid (13 years old at the time) and he taught me GW Basic. You know:

10 GOTO 20
20 IF ....

I was so excited about programming I've made an some sort of calendar app. Where you input date and the app would give you day of week ... and that sort of apps.

Then few years after, I've got my first PC (Intel Pentium 233MMX) which could run Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw etc. and I started doing more design stuff and much much less coding.

In high school I learned Pascal which was very similar to Basic so I made lot's of simple apps.

Also I've explored Dreamweaver (read HTML3 and FRAMES :D), and those were the cool things. Also made some Multimedia CD-s where you can click and explore around it. :)

Then when I was to apply for college I was in dilemma. Should I go for design or programming ... I was lazy and chose design ... But it was full of useless history stuff and such ... so I started learning 3Ds Max and it's scripting language etc.

I started working as graphic designer, then switched to web design and then I met my now wife. She was at CS studies and she teached me basics of OOP, but first I learned CSS and JavaScript for my personal projects. Then I entered the world of PHP, Java etc. and now I'm almost 10 years completely in programming.

So yeah, self taught if you don't count the "first teacher" and my wife :D

Thanks to Google, StackOverflow and my English teacher I'm now where I am :P