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Discussion on: Why didn't Preact replace React?

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Avichay Eyal

It's the herd phenomenon.

React was clearly way faster than Angular (the old one), back in the days Angular was the ONLY reasonable front-end framework. Everybody built websites using Angular, because that was almost the only option, and everybody knew that it had performance problems. Then came the "super-fast" React. And guess what, It was way simpler to work with.

Web-View based apps on mobile devices were not that common, so nobody really cared that Virtual-DOM is a battery consumption, and React forces you to work with keyed elements, but their key implementation has memory leaks nobody deals with since the day it was released. Nobody cared that JSX is actually a runtime, js-parsing, and memory bloats and also forces the garbage collector to work all the time.

But everyone is already on that train, so they keep going. It's the HERD that leads the way, not the common sense.

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Jordan Brennan Author

Yeah, I'm afraid you're right. I've never seen anyone articulate why they choose React and not Preact. Like Michael said, people feel more comfortable because it came from Facebook. That makes me less interested (Preact was created by one guy and it's objectively better)

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