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I want to go this year! I'm a Latina and I own a development agency. I'm the architect and tech lead and use aws products all the time but as a small business (relative to big tech) the cost of conference and certifications is "not worth it" because I can always "figure it out" and it's gonna be a "room full of dudes" anyway. I'm curious if you know of an initiative (theirs or someone else's) that would subsidize the cost to lower at least one of the barriers to entry. 🤷🏽‍♀️


Thank you for the comment. I know AWS is putting a lot of focus on this issue at this years event. I shared my concerns with them and they are on the ball in trying to get it situated. In terms of a way to subsidize the cost, I don't know any initiatives off the top of my head. But I would try reaching out to Sacha as she might have more details on that.

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