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Starchart: Milestone 0.9

Last week, I worked on a bunch of bug fixes and features for starchart:

  • Splitting certificate public key from its chain. The certificate creation process returns the public key for the certificate, and a chain which contains the intermediate certificates. We were storing both of these in the same field, and displaying the data as is. Thus, users would be copying the public key + the chain instead of just the public key (PR)

  • Adding admin login setup for e2e tests. We have a util function that allows anyone writing tests to easily log in as a user. This needed to be extended to users with the admin role (PR)

  • Improved landing page responsiveness. We had a couple of cards on the landing page that would shrink horizontally instead of moving to be vertically stacked on smaller screens (PR)

  • Making links more obvious. We had a bunch of links that looked the exact same as rest of the text. This changed all links to have color red and an underline by default. Since we use Chakra UI, this was specified in the theme file, and thus could be overridden as you would for the base Chakra UI element (PR) :

const theme = extendTheme(
    components: {
      Link: defineStyleConfig({
        baseStyle: {
          color: 'brand.500',
          textDecor: 'underline',
  withDefaultColorScheme({ colorScheme: 'brand' })
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  • Removed happy-dom. I looked at a dependabot PR to update this package and noticed that we were not using it at all (PR)

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