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Discussion on: My (k)Ubuntu (OSX look alike) desktop setup

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Eddie Abbondanzio

I've been on the fence about ditching windows for a couple of months for now. With all the bloat introduced by Windows 10, and the lack of privacy I was just getting tired of it.

This post finally motivated me to make the switch and as of today I'm happily running Kubuntu. Still have a lot to learn but thanks for convincing me to make the jump.

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Oziel Perez

Haha, I'm on the same boat but coming from MacOS. Honestly, I would have stayed over there but with Apple never giving out tools for developers to build iOS apps from other machines and the constant push to close everything in their ecosystem down to the new M1 Chips and non-replacable phone and laptop parts, I think it's time for me to liberate myself from them. Plus Amazon just released MacOS ec2 instances so I can just use that to compile iOS apps when I need it